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GeocacheAlaska! publishes the "Around The State" electronic newsletter approximately once per month.  It contains notices from the Board of Directors about the happenings in GeocacheAlaska! as well as regular how-to articles, tips and tricks, and geocaching travelogs submitted by our members. 

We use a third party emailing service to send out our newsletter as well as other direct email announcements from GeocacheAlaska! Inc.  This service will not share or sell your email or account information with anyone.  You will never receive SPAM from us or our mailing service.  You have complete control over subscribing or unsubscribing from any of our mailing lists at any time.  There is a link at the bottom of every email that we send which allows you to access your email settings at phpList.  You may also subscribe or unsubscribe from any of our mailing lists by visiting our subscription page at phpList.

A newsletter takes a lot of work and we need YOUR help!  We accept most geocaching-related articles from our members.  If you have something to write about, put it together in a Word document or an email, include photos if you have them, and send them to our newsletter editor.  If accepted, your article will be included in a future edition of the newsletter. 

Below, you will find an archive of every newsletter we have published since the start of the newsletter in February 2011.  They may be downloaded in PDF format. 

September 2016

President's Corner - Board of Directors Elections
2017 Calendar Photo Contest
2016 Denali Coin & Mountains of Alaska Pathtags
Reviewer's Corner - Urban Caching, Schools, and Pokemon
Caching Travelogues - Caching Ecuador
Recent Events - Caching on the Kenai 8th Annual Picnic


Turnagain Arm Trail Report
Board of Directors Election Results

Anchorage Area Trails

Walrus Pathtag
Jade Geocoin
Portage Trail of Blue Ice

Portage Pass Trail Report

Photo Contest
New Merchandise

Adopt-A-Highway CITO
Road Trippin' - Geosmaching Europe

Geocache Attributes

Inaugural Edition
Geocache Favorite Points


2013 Board of Directors Elected
Recent Events - Pre-Pocket Queries & Basic GSAK FUNdamentals, Called to Duty, Boots on the Ground, & Pocket Queries & Basic GSAK FUNdamentals EduVent - Anchorage, Fairbanks, & Soldotna
Calendar Contest Winners
GeocacheAlaska! 2013 Pathtag Design Winners
Reviewer's Corner - Seasonally Disabling Caches
President's Corner - Year in Review
New GeocacheAlaska! GeoBling Coming Soon!
Winter Caching & Cold Weather Injuries
Caching Travelogues - The Stone Men Geobash, Geowoodstock VIII or Bust!, Caching on the ODT - October 2012: Bicycle, Buses, Bridges & a Dam Gone, & Geocaching in and around Great Smoky Mountains NP

President's Corner - Your Involvement Matters to the Success of GeocacheAlaska!
Recent Events - A Danish Treat, October Flash Mob/a Goodbye to a Fellow Cacher, 10-11-12 Flash Mob, Intro to Geocaching EduVent, & GPS Ops & NW Trails FUNdamentals EduVent
Reviewers Corner - Fall Sweeps & Downloading All Alaska Caches
Welcome to the Blue Goose GeoTour!
The Best of Times AND the Worst of Times
Newbie and the Bear
Taking Better Photographs in the Outdoors
SND83 Hosts Spookie Halloween Event
Cachers Unite on a Chilly Morning to earn all Types of Smilies

Recent Events - Creamers Field Event, Fuzzy Bros. and Barnum & Belly CITO, NPLD & Blue Goose GeoTour Preview, 2012 Indian Summer, & Geocaching HTML & BBC FUNdamentals EduVent
Reviewer's Corner - Needs Archived Logs & Electrical Look-A-Likes
Retrieve your Sourdough Nametags!
USFWS Blue Goose Tour flies into Anchorage
Hosting Geocaching Events
Caching Travelogue - A Lazy Loop

President's Corner - Membership
Recent Events - While the Cat's Away: Puzzle Solving FUNdamentals, International Geocaching Day Flash Mob in Soldotna, Fairbanks International Geocaching Day Event, O'Wimseycal Meet and Greet, & Rabbit Creek Greenbelt Trail Party #2
Host Your Own Event and Earn an Icon!
Reviewer's Corner - Smart Phones, Screws, GPS Error, and Fall Sweep
Caching Travelogue - Hanging Lake Cache
Traveling?  Events are the Way to Go!
Pacific NorthWes(t) Geocaching Road Trip

LBK featured in Cache-A-Maniacs Podcast
Reviewer's Corner - Cache Permits
Write a Log to Remember
Recent Events - Let's Make a Deal CITO, Caching on the Kenai - 4th Annual Picnic, & Reed Lakes/Bomber Cache (Almost)
*Redoubt Reporter Article on the Caching on the Kenai Picnic Event 
(external site)

GeocacheAlaska! Sourdough Member Nametags
Recent Events - WWFM IX - Anchorage Town Square Flash Mob 3, WWFM IX Homer - The End of the Road, WWFM IX - Big Lake, & Pi-2 or is it Two Pies Flash Mob
Reviewer's Corner - Cache Publishing Timing
Alaskans Attend Geowoodstock X
Doing the Right Thing... Extreme Cache Maintenance
Alaska (The Best of Many Worlds)
Portage Valley Trails Update
Over a Barrel, or, Christmas in July

2012 Pathtags are Here!!!
Recent Events - 12 Year of Caching, El CITO de Mayo, GWX or Bust!, & Geocache Submission and Review FUNdamentals EduVent
Reviewer's Corner - Log Types and Periodic Maintenance Sweeps
Hike Report - Ice Pan Alley
Caching in the Philippines
2013 Calendar Photo Contest
How to Paint Plastics
Trail Watch - Keep our Parks Safe and Clean!

Board of Directors Changes
Reviewer's Corner - Cache Proximity
A Sunny Easter Above the Arm
Burning up the Milestones
Bear Awareness in the Municipality of Anchorage, Anchorage Bear Signs, & Moose Awareness
The Quest for Captain Kangaroo and His Surly Sidekicks

Membership Survey Results
Mo'Pie 2 Tailgater Flash Mob
Reviewer's Corner - Needs Maintenance
GeocacheAlaska! Teaches Beginner Course at Eagle River Nature Center

State Parks Permit Granted
Anchorage Trails Planning
Leaping to the Occasion! - Leap Day Events
Host your own Event
2012 Pathtag Designs Decided

Trail User Update: Ski Trails
Membership Renewal
Land Access Highlights
Education FUNdamentals
2012 GeocacheAlaska! Bling Projects


Reviewer's Corner - Cache Reaping & Cache Page Content
National Public Land Day - GeocacheAlaska! Recognition
Board of Directors Election Results
A Frightful Halloween (Weather!) Day in Fairbanks
"We Want to Learn Geocaching!"
ColoReido Drop an Ammo Can
Caribbean Cruise Caching
Geocaching in Space - Fairbanks
Geocaching in Space - Homer Celebration
2014 Calendar Photo Contest Results

Reviewer's Corner - Cacher Disputes
Board of Directors Election Candidates
Geocaching in the Golden Years in the Golden Heart City
Recognition Corner - Celebrating Alaskan Caching Hallmark Experiences (C.A.C.H.E.)
Recent Events - Open Mic Night with the Board, The Hobos Strike Again to Clean up the Kenai, & The Adventures of the Four Hucklebucks

Recognition Corner - Thank You to the Cache Creators
Reviewer's Corner - Cache Maintenance & Cache Changes
2013 GeocacheAlaska! Orca Geocoins
Geocaching in Fairbanks - Cachapalooza 2013
National Public Lands Day
Caching Travelogues - Equine HELP, Geocaching Destinations - Block Island, Rhode Island, & A Golden Loop - Autumn in Alaska

Reviewer's Corner - Cache Sweeps
Podcacher features a Dropped Ammo Can
Recent Events - International Geocaching Day on the Shores of Lake Spenard, The Best Father's Day Present Ever!, & International Geocaching Day... "in the Banks"

Reviewer's Corner - Change to Review Process, Spruce up your Cache Pages, & E-ID for your GPS
Caching Travelogues - GeoCruise to Alaska - An After-Visit Report, A Two-Hour Hike, 5th Annual Kenai River Picnic Event, It All Began at the Lilly Pad, & Kodiak Explorations

Expand your Caching Experiences with GeocacheAlaska!
Reviewer's Corner - Cache Page Content & Hints
Geocaching Milestone - Oldest Unfound Geocache, Found
Recent Events - Memorial Luau BBQ, HELP Celebrate Summer Solstice, Meet N Greet our Fairbanks Visitors, Fuzzy's Solstice Record Setting Weekend, & Meet N Greet in Denali National Park
Geocaching comes to the Downtown Association Market
Caching Travelogues - Uncage the Soul, & Jamming through the Jasmer Challenge

Geocaching's Anniversary Meet'n'Mingle
WWFM X - Fairbanks Flash Mob
Caching Travelogues - Geocaching in der Schweitz, Hobos come Together to Clean up the Kenai, WWFM X - Mat-Su Valley, WWFM X - Top of the World - Ice Planet Hoth, World Migratory Bird Day Flash Mob, National Hanging Out Day Flash Mob, & International CITO Weekend Fairbanks Edition
Geocaching Coaching Tips for Better Logs

2013 GeocacheAlaska! Whale Pathtags
Reviewer's Corner - Spring Cleaning
International CITO Weekend - Kindcaid Park Kleanup
11th Annual CITO Weekend Alaska Style
Um Cacher Americain a Paris

GeocacheAlaska! License Plate Trackable Tags
Reviewer's Corner - Geocache Exclusion Zones
Getting Around the GeocacheAlaska! Forums
US Snowshoe Day Flash Mob
1st Annual March Birthday Flash Mob
Do Geese See God?
Iditarod Crazy A, B, C
Geocaching with the USFWS and Event at the End of the Road
International Polar Bear Day Flash Mob
Chugach Permit
Event Support
Ein Geocacher in Deutschland

President's Corner - Ski Trails
Reviewer's Corner - Geocache Exclusion Zones
Breaking News - 2,000,000 Geocaches
Caching by Cruise Ship (Part 2)
GeoCruise to Alaska
Juneau Constituent Meet and Greet
3rd Annual WACO Flash Mob
New Forum Login
Destinations: Dashing to Denmark

President's Corner - Membership
Those Who Cache in the Banks Pathtag
Reviewer's Corner - Who Owns the Land where I want to Cache?
GeocacheAlaska! Forums Get a Face Lift
Meet your Board of Directors
Caching via Cruise Ship (Part 1)
Geocaching Destinations: Sitka, Alaska
Recent Events - 12-12-12 Fairbanks Flash Mob, 8th Annual GeoFest, Bubbles Away, 2013 First Geocaching Event of the Year, Welcome to 2013, Flash Mob for Dog Safety, & National Tin Can Day Flash Mob

Recent Events - Back to Business Breakfast... A Dutch Treat, Various 12-12-12 Events, & Cache'n in the Banks Holiday Bash
Reviewer's Corner - Geocache Exclusion Zones
Winter Trail Exclusions
Post-Apocalyptic Hibernal Solstice Gathering
Trap Safety & Sharing the Trails with Trappers  (How to remove your Dog from a game Trap!)


Board of Directors Elections Results
Caching Travelogue - How to Enjoy a Hurricane
2015 Calendar Photo Contest Results
Reviewer's Corner - Coordinate Check Caches, Event Guidelines, & Alaska Railroad

Board of Directors Elections Candidates
Pathtag Give Backs
Caching Travelogues - 200 Finds!, Following Robert E. Lee's Footsteps, & 200 Finds! (yes, two of them)

Reviewer's Corner - Fall Cache Maintenance & Remote Cache Placement
Recent Events - Stellar Geocaching!, & Fall Hobo CITO Camping & Caching Weekend
Caching Travelogue - Family Caching

Reviewer's Corner - Needs Maintenance Logs, & Adding GeocacheAlaska! Art to your Cache Pages
Recent Events - GeoCruise 4th of July Meet'n'Greet, Great Land Flash Mob - Int'l Geocaching Day, Harriet Hunt CITO, Caching on the Kenai for the 7 Souvenirs of August, & Let's Pick up Things at Russian Jack Springs
Caching Travelogues - MacGyver in Alaska, A Tale of Two Caches, Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home, & Streets of Laredo and other South Texax Adventures

Your Next Mission: Earn the 7 Souvenirs of August
2015 Calendar Photo Contest
Reviewer's Corner - Estate Planning
Recent Events - Adopt-A-Highway Summer CITO, & Caching on the Kenai - 6th Annual Picnic
Caching Travelogues - Dashing Across West Texas, & Almost Skunked in Haines

GeocacheAlaska! Event Support
GeocacheAlaska! Sourdough Membership Year Changed
Reviewer's Corner - Proximity Guidelines, DNF vs. Needs Maintenance Logs
GSAK Tips of the Month
Groundspeak Changes in the News
Recent Event - WWFM - Alaska Style
Caching Travelogues - Cash or Cache?, & Caching Colorado

Reviewer's Corner - School No Caching Zones
Recent Events - Start your day right with Dhaulaghiri, Swedish Geocachers in Town, FNBP Hilltop Trailhead CITO, Meet & Greet chiefsfan19 & merrittsbadges, & Lunch Potluck Event at Knik Glacier
Caching Travelogues - Split the Booty & After Montana came Minnesota (and Wisonsin)

President's Corner - Cache Logs & Permit Status
Reviewer's Corner - Spring Cleaning of Cache Listings
Caching Travelogues - Deep in the Heart of Texas - San Antonio, & Caching Montana

GeocacheAlaska! C.A.C.H.E. Committee Update
Reviewer's Corner - "Needs Archived" (and other) Logs
Recent Events - 2nd Annual Seward March Birthday Flash Mob, '64 Great Alaska Earthquake - 50 Years After, GeocacheAlaska! Turns Five Years Old!, & Mo' Pie Turns IV

2014 Pathtag Contest
Finding & Fixing Bad Stats on your GC Profile
Reviewer's Corner - Spring Cleaning and "Reserving" a Location
Winter Caching with the Family
Caching Travelogue - Sub-Zero Caching in Minnesota

President's Corner - Special Recognition within the Geocaching Community
Reviewer's Corner - Night Caches
Recent Event - It's a Travel Bug Race!
Caching Travelogues - A New Year's Even Smile!, Geocaching Hawaii - An Oahu Snapshot, & Christmas Caching in the Tar Heel State
Finding the Most Favorited Caches
Night Caching - Wintertime Fun!

Reviewer's Corner - Archival of Old, Abandoned Draft Cache Pages
Meet your Board of Directors
Groundspeak's Geocacher of the Month
Recent Events - Fairbanks Holiday Bash, & Earthcaching 10th Anniversary
Cache Reports - 25 Days of Christmas, & Czech Caching


President's Corner - Winter Ski Trails
Board of Directors Election Results
Reviewer's Corner - Unpublished Cache Archival
Story of a Lost Travel Bug
Finding the Favorites
Caching Travelogue - Hawaii or Bust
Recent Events - Benchmark EduVent, GIFF Weekend, & Halloween

President's Corner - Kids, Get Outdoors
Board of Directors Elections Nominees
What's in your Geocaching Bag?
Caching Travelogues - Knik River Caching Adventure, East Coast Trip, The Alaska State Star, & Have Fun with your Game!
Recent Event - Golden Ammo Can Award Ceremony

President's Corner - Block Party
CITO Takes a Disturbing Twist
GeocacheAlaska! 2016 Calendar Photo Contest
Recent Events - Adopt-A-Highway CITO #3, Block Party, & Caching on the Kenai 7th Annual Picnic
Reviewer's Corner - Caches on Private Property
Caching Travelogues - Caching in Ketchikan - Dude Mountain, & Driving Seemingly Everywhere in Texas

President's Corner - Geocaching Road Trip '15
New Wolf Logo Pathtag
Recent Events - World Wide Flash Mob XII - Anchorage Town Square, & Not Just a Boring Event with Sillygirl & JRR
False Pass Cache
Reviewer's Corner - Estate Cache Adoptions, Coordinates Updating, Family Friendly, & Needs Maintenance Logs

Have you Lost your Sourdough Nametag?
Recent Events - Phone Apps & GPS FUNdamentals EduVent, Adopt-A-Highway Spring CITO, & GeocacheAlaska! Spends a Day at the Museum
Ode to the Beaver Trail
Reviewer's Corner - Alaska State Parks Permit, Challenge Cache Moratorium, & Reviewer Note Box Entries
Sourdough Nametag Crossword Puzzle Answers (from April edition)

GeocacheAlaska! Sourdough Nametag Program
Recent Events - March Birthday Flashmob, IV+I=Mo' Pie!, Let's have a slice of Pie on Pi Day!, Event Hosting EduVent, & Stammtisch Breakfast
Reviewer's Corner - Spring Cleaning, & Reviewer Maintenance
Sourdough Nametag Crossword Puzzle

GeocacheAlaska! is now on Instagram
Advocacy Committee membership survey response
Communications Committee membership survey response
Education Committee membership survey response
Recent Event - GeocacheAlaska! Joins the Fur Rondy Parade
Alaska's Unfound Caches
Reviewer's Corner - State Parks Permit, State Parks Map Files, & Loading Maps to your GPS

2015 GeocacheAlaska! Membership Survey Results
GeocacheAlaska! Mail Order Store
Where has your Sourdough Nametag been seen lately?
Caching Travelogue - Caching Hawai'i
Reviewer's Corner - Know Before You Go (Part 2)
Geocaching Software for Smartphones

Advocacy Committee Report on the State Parks Permit
Caching Travelogue - The Most Festing Caching - Ever!
Reviewer's Corner - New Event Guidelines


- Submission Deadline: 11/20/16

- Submission Deadline: 10/20/16

- Submission Deadline: 9/20/16

Current Issue - See description above

President's Corner - Cache Maintenance, Greatland Reviewer Articles, and Elections
Monthly Giveaway for paid Sourdough Members and GeocacheAlaska! T-Shirts
Reviewer's Corner - DNFs, Throwdowns, & Urban Caching
Caching Travelogues - Oregon's Wild Coast - a Geocacher's Delight
Recent Events - Spencer Glacier Trip

President's Corner - Anchorage Museum of Art and History & Chugach State Park trailhead adoption
Reviewer's Corner - JBER, Caches with DNF strings, Cache TB Inventory
Caching Travelogues - Stammtisch!, 5 Stage Multi - A Birthday Gift, & Ice Road Cacher II
Recent Events - Prospect Heights CITO

President's Corner - Challenge Caches & National Get Outdoors Month
Reviewer's Corner - Property Ownership References & Challenge Caches
Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge boundary map files are now available
Caching Travelogues - How We Met Our Sister in Tennessee, Caching Weekend, & Ice Road Cacher
Recent Events - FNBP Hilltop Trailhead CITO Event

President's Corner - Photographs and Communication
Fundraising Committee - New Monthly Giveaway for paid Sourdough Members & Event Store
GPS & Phone Firmware Updates
Reviewer's Corner - Miscellaneous cache publishing tips
Caching Travelogues - Geocachers are Nice People, Connors Lake Park, We Took Mom on a Road Trip, How to get 333 Caches in One Day, & Florida Trip
Recent Events - Earth Day CITO Events, CITO in the rain, & Campbell Creek CITO

President's Corner - CITO Events
Reviewer's Corner - Reviewing by the Numbers
Latest in GPS Satellite News
Caching Travelogues - Have a Long Layover?, 48-Hour Escape to warmth and sunshine, & Caching California

President's Corner - Events
Reviewer's Corner - Mystery/Puzzle/Multi-Cache Hidden Waypoints (Part 2)
Footwear Fit for Icy Warm Winter Trail Conditions

President's Corner - Why do you geocache?
2015 Eagle Geocoins by Chris Mackey
Reviewer's Corner - Mystery/Puzzle/Multi-Cache Hidden Waypoints (Part 1)
Geocaching Goals
Fairbanks Very Unique Cache
Anchorage Police want Geocachers to Report Illegal Camps
Caching Travelogue - Changes in Latitudes... NorthWes travels from Alaska to Aruba (and back again)