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2017 Alaska Forget-Me-Not geocoin coming soon!  Delivery expected by the beginning of September. 


GeocacheAlaska! 2016 Denali Geocoin

Featuring custom trackable icons:     

Designed by GeocacheAlaska! sourdough member Dana Rosso (DR-AK), the front of the 2016 Denali geocoin features an artistic rendering of the profile of the mountain Denali.  Formerly known as Mt. McKinley, the mountain was officially renamed to its original native name of Denali in 2015.  In the same year, the peak of Denali was resurveyed by the USGS and the elevation was officially changed to 20,310', a decrease of 10 feet over the elevation originally calculated in 1952.  The rear of the coin features the state of Alaska with the Big Dipper and North Star of our state flag.  Denali's shadows are filled with black, while the text and state are filled with the official blue and gold colors of the Alaska state flag.

Limited edition of only 100 in Antique Silver and 100 in Antique Bronze. These USA manufactured coins are 2 inches wide by 1-1/2 inches tall in a unique oval shape. Available as a single coin in your choice of silver or bronze, as a matched set with one of each color, and as a matched set with a set of five Mountains of Alaska pathtags (see description separately).


Price: $13 each or $24 for a Pair or $34 for a Pair plus a set Mountains Pathtags

Bronze is sold out.  Only 2 Silver coins left.

Individual Coins
Choose Metal Color:




GeocacheAlaska! 2016 Mountains Pathtag Set

2016 Mountains of Alaska Pathtags

 Complete Set of 5 Mountains of Alaska Pathtags

Augustine Volcano - Limited Edition of 200 - Pathtag Profile

Mt Edgecumbe - Limited Edition of 200 - Pathtag Profile

Finger Mountain - Limited Edition of 200 - Pathtag Profile

Pioneer Peak - Limited Edition of 200 - Pathtag Profile

Mt Sanford - Limited Edition of 200 - Pathtag Profile



Complete Set of five 2016 Pathtags:  $11.50




GeocacheAlaska! 2015 Eagle Geocoin

With a trackable "Proxy" coin and featuring custom trackable icons:    

2015 Eagle Coin - Gold

Shiny Gold Finish (above)  SOLD OUT 

 2015 Eagle Coin - Silver

Shiny Silver Nickel Finish (above)  Only 1 left in stock!

2015 Eagle Coin - Black

Shiny Black Nickel Finish (above)   SOLD OUT 

  A custom Eagle geocoin designed by Chris Mackey for GeocacheAlaska!

This coin is available in Silver or Gold (Black is now sold out), featuring full color enamel filled designs on both sides of the 2-inch coin. 

Each coin comes with a matching "proxy" coin that can be released to travel while the real coin stays safely in your collection.

Single Coin with proxy, in your choice of finish:  $13 Clearance Sale!

Black and Gold are Sold Out!

Geocoin, each (select Silver) 

Choose Metal Color:



GeocacheAlaska! Mosquito

Mosquito Coin

Mosquito Coin

 GeocacheAlaska! Mosquito Coin with Travel Tag

New for 2016, this coin is based on the 2007 Micro Mosquito coins, reissued in a full size 1.5" diameter coin with matching travel tag.


Mosquito Coin:  $10





GeocacheAlaska! Wolf Logo Pathtags


New in 2015.  Timeless GeocacheAlaska! Wolf Logo pathtags featuring a glow in the dark moon.

Pathtag Profile

Package of five: $11.50


Alaska Aurora Pathtags

Back by popular demand is the Alaska aurora pathtag.  These pathtags are produced with shiny gold plating to replicate the Alaska state flag's eight stars of gold, the custom Alaska back, and sport glow-in-the-dark enamel to simulate the aurora borealis (northern lights).  This is a reissue of the original Alaska Aurora pathtag with the new GeocacheAlaska! custom back and a new serial number.  Pathtag Profile 


Package of five: $11.50 






GeocacheAlaska! Bison Containers

Engraved one side with "Official Geocache Do Not Remove" and the GeocacheAlaska! logo on the other side.  All of our bison containers feature an upgraded EPDM O-Ring for years of environmental exposure and a Rite-In-The-Rain logsheet. Currently available in Black 2" size only.  

Select color and size from drop-down box: Large $5 and Small $4 each

Currently available in small Black size only.


Select Size/Color:


Blank GeocacheAlaska! Stunt Doubles
Create Your Own Proxies of Past Editions to Release to the Wild

Have you purchased past editions of GeocacheAlaska! trackable geocoins, but not wanted to release an ounce of silver to the wild?  Each aluminum stunt double is 55mm in diameter and 5 mm thick and features the front of past years' GeocacheAlaska! trackable geocoins.  Each double has a space where your geocoin's tracking number may be engraved or applied with a fine-point Sharpie marker.  Available in several colors. 

2006 Wolf

Please check with Beverly at GxProxy for availability. 

2007 Micro Mosquito

Please check with Beverly at GxProxy for availability. 

2008 Polar Bear

  Please check with Beverly at GxProxy for availability. 

2009 Brown Bears

Please check with Beverly at GxProxy for availability. 

2010 Caribou

Please check with Beverly at GxProxy for availability. 


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