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Calendar of Events

See the listings in the GeocacheAlaska! Forum or visit for the Schedule of Events

Want to meet other cachers, earn a new icon, and have lots of fun?  You can host your own event by creating an Event Cache, creating a cache page, and getting ready for a lot of fun.  Event Caches must be submitted two weeks before the event.  See the "Event Caches" section of the Cache Listing Requirement/Guidelines at for more information. 

Listed below to provide you with ideas and incentive are an assortment of Event Caches held throughout Alaska.  To see more recent events hosted by GeocacheAlaska!, click here.

A current calendar of Event Caches for the entire geocaching world may be found here.

Past Alaskan Event Caches


9/9/9 Flash Mob Event, 2009 Scotch, On The Rocks, 2009
Springtime in Alaska, It's -40 Below, 2009 Winter Trails Day Event Cache 2, 2005
Winter Trails Day 3, 2006 Great Alaska Cache'N'Dash Meet'N'Greet Dinner, 2005
The Dr. Bleh Search Party, 2006 CALLING ALL ALASKA CACHERS!, 2005
Introduction to Geocaching, 2006 Kincaid Park Geocaching Intro, Anchorage, 2006
2006 Kincaid Park CITO Event, 2006 Alaska Geocoin Distribution - Anchorage, 2005
Back To School Intro to Geocaching, 2006 Anchorage Holiday GeoFest '05, 2005
Anchorage 2006 Alaska Geocoin Distribution Event, 2006 Spenard Triple Fun Night , 2005
2nd Annual Anchorage Holiday Geofest 06 Winter Trails Day Event Cache, 2004
Geocaching 101, Palmer, 2006 Geocachers Rondy, 2004
Kincaid Park CITO Event, 2005 Alaska GeoCachers Reunion, 2003

Interior Alaska

GeoTrek Summer Series - Float n Boat, 2008 GeoTrek Summer Series - Don't Flood the Bike Path, 2008
GeoTrek Summer Series - Walk With Angels, 2008 GeoTrek Summer Series - Go Fly a Frisbee, 2008
Angel Rocks Event Cache, 2006 Fairbanks Holiday Geofest '05, 2005
Interior Alaska Cachers Anonymous Meeting #1, 2005 Alaska Geocoin Distribution - Fairbanks, 2005

Kenai Peninsula

6 Miles Down, 2009 Spencer Whistle Stop Cache Event, 2009
Soldotna Meet & Greet Picnic, 2009 Peninsula Meet and Greet Event, Soldotna, 2006


White Elephants in Juneau, 2006 Strawberries Fields Forever, 2007


Valdez 50 Years of Statehood Cache for Cash, 2009 Valdez Annual Cache Event and Geoker Run, 2006
Alaska Geocoin Distribution - Valdez, 2005 Who Ville Holiday Event, 2005


1st Annual Summer Solstice Midnight Caching Event, 2005 Meet Me in the Middle, 2009