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Alaska Geocoin Information

For a gallery and history of past GeocacheAlaska! geocoins, click here.

Activation Code Retrieval:

Click here to retrieve activation codes for your 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Alaska geocoins and other GeocacheAlaska! trackables directly from Groundspeak.  If you are unable to retrieve your activation codes from Groundspeak, e-mail your tracking numbers to us at and we'll send your activation codes via e-mail.

Click here to retrieve the activation codes for your 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Alaska geocoins from Oakcoins.

Click here to order your Alaska Geobling!!!

Sourdough Members: When you enter our online store via the above link, you will be on the Cheechako store page.  Please continue into the Sourdough store via the link at the top of the Cheechako store page.

A note about our prices:  GeocacheAlaska! is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization.  Our purpose is outlined in Article II of our by-laws.  We price our products to earn a modest profit to help underwrite expenses incurred in meeting the organization's goals.  Expenses for PayPal fees, packaging, postage, and insurance are charged at as close to our cost as possible within the constraints of the PayPal shipping calculator.  For our overseas customers, we feel your pain regarding international postage rates which have quadrupled since 2010 for packages weighing less than an ounce and more than doubled for heavier packages.

You will see a two-tiered price system.  "Sourdough," a reference to someone having spent an entire winter north of the Arctic Circle and refers to their tradition of protecting their sourdough bread starter during the coldest months by keeping it close to their body, pertains to Sourdough members of GeocacheAlaska! who are eligible for member merchandise discounts.  "Cheechako," a reference to someone new to Alaska, pertains to anyone else who is not a Sourdough. 

Also note that, like all areas of GeocacheAlaska!, our store is staffed by volunteer efforts.  None of the folks who staff and run GeocacheAlaska! are paid for the work and we all have day jobs.  Orders placed via our online store are batch processed by our volunteer staff.  Please allow some extra time for your orders to be packed and shipped.  International orders require even more processing time due to USPS paperwork and the requirement to present all international packages in person at a USPS facility during regular business hours.  

NEW 2016 Denali Geocoins and Mountain Pathtags have arrived!!!  See sales pages for images and details (link above). 


GeocacheAlaska! 2015 Eagle Geocoin

With a trackable "Proxy" coin and featuring custom trackable icons:    

Shiny Gold Finish (above)


Shiny Silver Nickel Finish (above) 

Shiny Black Nickel Finish (above)  SOLD OUT

  A custom Eagle geocoin designed by Chris Mackey for GeocacheAlaska!

This coin is available in 3 finishes, featuring full color enamel filled designs on both sides of the 2-inch coin. 

Each coin comes with a matching "proxy" coin that can be released to travel while the real coin stays safely in your collection.

Get discount pricing as a set of coins and with a set of our Flowers of Alaska pathtags.

Single Coin with proxy, in your choice of finish:  $15 Sourdough / $17 Cheechako

Set of 3 coins with proxies, one of each finish:  $41 Sourdough / $47 Cheechako

Set of 3 coins with proxies, one of each finish, plus a set of Flowers pathtags:  $50 Sourdough / $57 Cheechako


GeocacheAlaska! 2015 Pathtag Set

 Complete Set of 5 Wildflowers of Alaska Pathtags

Chocolate Lily - Limited Edition of 250 - Pathtag Profile

Monkshood - Limited Edition of 250 - Pathtag Profile

Fireweed - Limited Edition of 250 - Pathtag Profile

Forget-Me-Not - Limited Edition of 250 - Pathtag Profile

Prickly Rose - Limited Edition of 250 - Pathtag Profile


Each design has a unique serial number and features the custom Alaska back.

Sold only as sets of all five pathtags:  $10 Sourdough / $11.50 Cheechako  




Alaska Aurora Pathtags

Back by popular demand is the Alaska aurora pathtag.  These pathtags are produced with shiny gold plating to replicate the Alaska state flag's eight stars of gold and sport glow-in-the-dark enamel to simulate the aurora borealis (northern lights).  The latest run of this tag now features the custom Alaska back. 


Package of five tags:  $10 Sourdough / $11.50 Cheechako


GeocacheAlaska! Wolf Logo Pathtags

Package of five tags:  $10 Sourdough / $11.50 Cheechako



GeocacheAlaska! Trackable Travelers  

GeocacheAlaska! Nomads are laser engraved into a multi-layered sheet of acrylic and cut to 42 mm by 42 mm by GxProxy.  They are available in the colors depicted and in limited quantities of each.  The Nomads are trackable on and linked to the GeocacheAlaska! Travelers custom icon (shown in the above title block).

$9 Sourdough / $10 Cheechako




GeocacheAlaska! TrekTags are produced for us by GxProxy.  They are available in the colors depicted in limited quantities of each.  These military style dog dogs come in a package of two tags and a 26" ball chain.  If your traveler goes missing during its journey, the tag can be replaced for a nominal cost by GxProxyThe TrekTags are trackable on and are linked to the GeocacheAlaska! Travelers custom icon (shown in the above title block) .

  $6 Sourdough / $7 Cheechako


GeocacheAlaska! License Plate Tags are produced for us by Oakcoins as part of their State Tag series.  The tags are cut from aluminum and come with a ball chain for attaching a traveler.  The Fundraising Committee perused all the Alaska license plate designs and chose the one that we felt best depicted the spirit of the Greatland.  The front design features the "eight stars of gold" of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) raising over Denali (Mt. McKinley) and Sultana (Mt. Foraker) with a caribou migrating along the spruce-covered foothills of the Alaska Range.  The back design contains fun  facts such as the state motto, statehood date, and capitol.  The plate number is the tracking number.

$5 Sourdough / $6 Cheechako




Blank GeocacheAlaska! Stunt Doubles
Create Your Own Proxies of Past Editions to Release to the Wild

Have you purchased past editions of GeocacheAlaska! trackable geocoins, but not wanted to release an ounce of silver to the wild?  GxProxy provides the perfect solution in the form of a "stunt double," a more durable version of the laminated coin duplicates oftentimes found in caches.  Each aluminum stunt double is 55mm in diameter and 5 mm thick and features a laser engraved front of past years' GeocacheAlaska! trackable geocoins.  Each double has a space where your geocoin's tracking number may be engraved or applied with a fine-point permanent marker.  These stunt doubles are available in several colors.  

  $3.00 each (must order directly from GxProxy)

2006 Wolf

2007 Micro Mosquito

2008 Polar Bear

2009 Brown Bears

2010 Caribou


Click here to order your 2015 Alaska Geobling!!!

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